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It’s a weird world

GEEZER BANDIT: Police in the US are hunting an elderly bank robber nicknamed the Geezer Bandit who has robbed seven banks in eight months.

The man, believed to be in his 70s, struck again this week at the California Bank and Trust teller in Vista.
The grey-haired robber waited patiently in line before approaching a cashier, showing his handgun and passing over a note demanding cash.
The FBI said that the teller handed over an undisclosed number of notes, which he placed in his personal organiser, and then calmly walked out of the bank.
The man wears prescription glasses and a baseball cap during the heists.
Law enforcement officials are asking for the public’s help to identify him and banks have also united to try to catch the septuagenarian thief.
Three banks, all in the San Diego area, have offered a reward of more than £10 400 for his arrest.
The series of holdups attributed to the man began in late August.  –– Daily Telegraph.

LIBRARY BOUNCER: A council in the UK spent nearly £1 000 on a bouncer at a library to protect staff from “unruly” school children.
Norfolk County Council says the library in King’s Lynn was plagued by children “running about screaming and shouting”.
Councillor Derrick Murphy said the children terrorised and tormented two female librarians.
The security guard was also tasked with tackling groups of people hanging around near the library entrance drinking in evenings.
Murphy said: “It was very intimidating for staff. The police were not doing anything about it.
“Children go into the library and they run around and make a lot of noise. They were engaging in anti-social behaviour. Children were running around shouting and screaming.
“The vast majority, in fact 99,9% of people going to the library, act perfectly normal but unfortunately there was a small minority that were not.
“We have a duty of care and responsibility to our staff to provide a secure and safe environment. This was a temporary ad-hoc solution has nipped the problem in the bud.”
The council paid £13,25 an hour on a security guard to patrol inside the library for three hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for six weeks. –– Daily Telegraph.

OOPS!: A US reporter made the ultimate Freudian slip when she announced that Tiger Woods had to withdraw from a golf tournament because of his “bulging d***”.
Win McMurray made the mistake as she tried to explain why Woods had pulled out of the Players Championship in Florida.
The golfer had blamed a “bulging disk” in his neck, but McMurray, from the Golf Channel, was left red-faced when she described the condition as a “bulging d***”.
She said: “Woods says he’s been playing with a bad neck for about a month –– and thinks it could be down to a bulging d—.”
The television reporter quickly corrected herself.
Woods, whose wife Elin Nordegren (30) is said to be divorcing him in the wake of his infidelities, has angered many golf commentators after backing out of the contest.
After walking straight past the media without uttering a word, he was eventually cornered in the locker room and claimed to have been suffering pain since before the Masters.
He then said: “I’ve been playing with a bad neck for quite a while. They want me to go get a picture on it next week. I might have a bulging disc. I’ve been playing through it”.  –– Daily Telegraph.



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