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We need to move on as a nation

AS I drove through the city centre recently I had to endure an appalling racial remark that made me stop and think about how we as Zimbabweans can move on from this racial nonsense that seems to be haunting us.

I am the son of Catholic Irish missionaries who came to our country in the late 1970s to teach at the mission schools. As I did not want to be a boarder, I attended the local mission school and was the only white student there. Throughout my four year tenure at the school I never felt threatened or intimidated in any way.

I now own my own business here in Harare, and of late have felt very uneasy driving around our city. I ask myself why those who fought the liberation war can look at me as a brother and not treat me with contempt, and yet I feel threatened by a breed of youngsters who never fought the liberation war but now feel they have a point to prove? My question to them is who are you and why do you see every white person as your enemy?

How do we as Zimbabweans intend to move on? We need to, if we are to get anywhere in life as a nation.

John Burnett,

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