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‘Sanctions’ merely restrictions

I SAW an article in a recent issue (Zimbabwe Independent, April 16), where there was a headline stating that “Govt delegation set to meet EU over sanctions” and on Page 20 there was also an article with the headline: “Remove Zim sanctions in the interests of democracy”.

I can understand Zanu PF’s insistence that the restrictions on fewer than 200 chefs travelling to and holding bank accounts in prominent wealthy countries amount to sanctions (nay, illegal sanctions), but I cannot understand why your newspaper, by such headlines, supports such fiction.

It is true that some companies associated with Zanu PF have similar restrictions regarding money transfers, but having lived through real sanctions, these restrictions are nowhere near the pre-1980 United Nations sanctions. I wish you would stop giving implicit support to the former ruling party in this way. Call them what they are –– restrictions.


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