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Mavambo party an alternative to the GNU

MY beloved countrymen, as I look back I am horrified by things past and present. How could we be miles away from the Zimbabwe we envisioned, and how could our political, economic and moral compass have run amok with an obdurate leadership that believes it is always correct and never makes a mistake. Since the formation of the inclusive government, I have continued to focus on the three immediate priorities for stabilising and rebuilding Zimbabwe.

I will reiterate again that there is a serious need for national reconciliation and healing through truth, acknowledgement of atrocities committed, meting out of justice, and restitution. I have also emphasised the restoration of civil liberties, freedoms, rule of law, and the creation of a conducive atmosphere to hold free and fair elections.

Among other things we need a new constitution. Lastly I have emphasised the need to restore economic and social viability through the formulation and implementation of sound economic, fiscal and monetary policies. These three issues have yet to be seriously addressed.

It is your right and not a privilege to have dependable and affordable water, electricity and health care. You have a right to education and work, and government should combine policies and mineral wealth to create jobs for the annual 400 000 school leavers. Over the last year, these important issues have not been addressed; instead we have witnessed MDC and Zanu PF fighting for jobs amongst themselves.

Today the nation is scattered, battered, and infamous for ignoble deeds. Our dignity and pride has been undermined by ravaging poverty and hunger. With three million Zimbabweans strewn across the world, looking for better living, the question is whether this is what we fought to achieve.

Mavambo has forged ahead with the formation of interim structures in all provinces save for Matabeleland where we have yet to establish a presence.

There is everything we can do about our situation and there is an alternative to the GPA. Let us not resign ourselves to fatalism. We can correct the rot and wrong if we are entrusted with power. Masimba Kuvanhu! (Power to the people).

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