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Dudu on the move

ONE of Zimbabwe’s prominent afro-jazz groups, Dudu Manhenga and Color Blu will be presenting a series of performances in Harare before heading out to a regional tour later in the month. 

Their music has been described as an “afro-jazz adventure” which is  a fusion of genres including contemporary, traditional, township, jazz, and latino styles.

Manhenga is also active in music rights and anti-piracy issues, gender and anti-violence activities.

Among many public and private performances in 2009, she featured at Johannesburg’s Arts Alive festival, Maputo’s Franco Mozambicana, performed alongside Italian visitors Ital-Jazz and Mozambican Chico Antonio in Harare, and featured on a continental album for the Campaign-Against-Hunger project by Action Aid International-Africa.

Later in May and early June, she will be joining a fascinating regional collaboration Flame! for performances in Maputo, Swaziland’s Bushfire Festival, Johannesburg’s Bassline club and back to Harare, with leading women artists of the region.  At the end of June, Dudu and Color Blu are billed for the famous Grahamstown Arts Festival in South Africa.

The performances at Alliance Francaise tonight at 7pm, and at The Mannenberg tomorrow at 6pm are timed to meet a demand for early evening performances for those music lovers who prefer an early night. –– Pamberi Trust.

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