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Interfin exceeded its mandate — SECz

I AM glad the MDC boycotted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit! Why should they celebrate a man known for heavy-handedness against human rights activists, journalists and political opponents? Anyway there is an economy to look after and a democratic agenda to move forward .

THE visit by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad goes to show that president Robert Mugabe is out to antagonise the West yet he is begging for the removal of sanctions against him. Iran is a bastion of autocracy where dissent is crushed by executions and continued arrests. It’s funny how birds of a feather flock together. I am sure Iran will dump Zimbabwe after it defaults on its payments like what Libya did.
Andy, Harare.

IN the spirit of fairness, the MDC should push for the appointment of Roy Bennett as Manicaland governor. I think every progressive person would support that.
Tendai S.

PROVINCIAL governors should be elected representatives otherwise the post should be scrapped. Their work can be done by provincial administrators. There should only be two senators per province. Chiefs should also remain in the Council of Chiefs and not dabble in politics as it compromises their role as the custodians of our culture.

WITH limited resources at our disposal, we cannot afford two vice-presidents, two deputy prime ministers, provincial governors, a senate and a bloated parliament

THE South African ambassadorial post should not be given to any political party but a Zimbabwean patriot with strong diplomatic credentials. If appointments are made on party lines, service may be compromised.

LET us help government in the public service audit by disclosing the  names of “ghost” workers so that they are exposed.

SAVIOUR Kasukuwere should ensure that workers get 10% stakes in the companies he wants 51% stakes from. Workers are major players and should be duly rewarded.

INDUSTRY will never recover as long as we don’t take bold steps to deal with cheap imports. Is that not obvious?
M, Bulawayo.
THE GNU should spare a thought for Zisco. We were told that the winner of the best two bids for Zisco would be announced in two weeks. It is now several months after that and yet the winner is yet to be announced.
Chimedza, Redcliff.

ARE we a free-market economy or a command economy? We thought flip-flop policies were gone with the era of Gideon Gono. It is confusing for an investor when government is always threatening businesses because of inflation. Industries are being affected by fluctuations in the rand-US dollar exchange rate. One cannot expect a business to make a loss, because it defies the very essence of going into business –– which is to make a profit by the way!

ECONET should stop ripping us off on the undelivered text messages. How can they charge for a service they have not provided? They should stop this daylight robbery and taking us for granted.

TO Econet, Net One and Telecel I say please cover Manama and Zezani service centres. People out here need your services and the market is ready for tapping. We are tired of waiting.
Manama resident.

WHY is Zesa supplying electricity to the Namibians when Hwange power station is not even supplying to Zimbabwe? Am I missing something here?

ZESA should stop punishing its customers especially in Glen View 1 and 7. We only have power between 10pm and 5am.

ZESA is robbing us left, right and centre. We are paying huge bills for no power. If we manage to get power for a week it would be a miracle.
Switched off.

PEOPLE should stop harassing Zesa employees. Like everyone else, they are also affected by these blackouts. 

WE don’t know how we would have survived without the objectivity of the Zimbabwe Independent over the years. What we now want to know is when NewsDay will be on the streets.
Willie G.

THE Zimbabwe Independent is a truly objective newspaper. I enjoy reading the objective stories.

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