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Inviting Ahmadinejad ill-advised

THE decision by President Robert Mugabe to invite Iranian leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will seriously put a dent on foreign investment that the country is trying to woo to Zimbabwe.

Iran is a country that is well known for its human rights abuses and the invitation of Ahmadinejad was unnecessary as it sends wrong signals to other countries that respect human rights that Zimbabwe  condones acts of human rights abuses that are taking place in Iran.
Ahmadinejad retained power last year in June following disputed elections that saw dozens of innocent people being killed by the Iranian government  for disputing the results.
The majority of Iran’s more than 72 million people live under siege as the incumbent regime suppresses any form of dissent.
The media in Iran is under threat as television crews are prevented from filming rallies and many non-Iranian journalists have been prohibited from working in the country.
Although this sounds similar to what is happening in Zimbabwe, we as a country that is in transition cannot be seen with such company as that of Ahmadinejad.
Although Mugabe’s choice of friends is not surprising since he also clung to power after being defeated by MDC’s Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008, his choice of leaders to open the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair is really uncalled for.
We cannot be seen in the company of human rights abusers when as a country we are fighting to bring back democracy after 30 years of abuse by Zanu PF which has used state resources to bar any dissenting voices.

Agrippa Zvomuya,

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