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Ahmadinejad visit exposes GNU farce

THE coming of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Zimbabwe brought to bare some of the dirty linen within the inclusive government.

The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair is a strategic national event and a single political party or individual in the inclusive government should not dictate the programme.
The absence of trust between the parties in the inclusive government compromises the efficiency of the government when dealing with national issues.
The fact that Ahmadinejad’s visit was not welcomed by the MDC shows that there was no proper communication between the political parties. By the look of things the government is proving to be more parallel governments where one party does what it wishes without consulting the others.
Although the end result might yet be unknown to the nation, it is clear that without oneness nothing can be achieved.
The other unavoidable but inevitable reality is that we are going to the polls even though the country has no money. With so much depending on donors the possibility is that no donor will ever fund elections to the required capacity.

Trevor Makonyonga,

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