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Editor’s Memo: West playing into Mugabe’s hands

OVER the last couple of weeks we the residents of Glen View 7 and surrounding areas that include Glen Norah and other areas of Glen View have been experiencing continuous power-cuts  for extended periods of time that bear no resemblance to the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa)’s advertised load shedding schedule.

On a daily basis we are plunged into the depths of darkness at about 5am and power is only restored at about 10pm after many consumers have retired to bed. No explanation has been forthcoming from Zesa, save for press reports that the situation will get worse once Kariba power station is shut down for maintenance. Presumably, that means we will now have to endure days without power.
While no one doubts the enormity of the challenges facing Zesa, it is the sharing of the limited available electricity that is of concern. Why should some areas, Glen View 7 and surrounding areas for instance, bear the brunt of the power shortage while some areas experience minimal power cuts? It is totally unfair, especially in view of the fact that our bills do not reflect the minimal power supplies we receive.
Zesa has some explaining to do. It must not take its customers for granted while providing the shoddiest of services. An explanation would be welcome, but then again, as with the electricity supply, its public relations skills seem woefully inadequate.

Baba Ngoni,
Glen View 7, Harare.

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