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THE education sector in Zimbabwe has not developed at all over the years and it continues to crumble.

The Basic Education Assistance Module and cadetship schemes propounded by the government do not have funding support and have thereby been rendered useless.
Students cannot afford to pay the tuition fees stated by the government. The tuition fees our schools and colleges are demanding are just out of this world and considering that civil servants who are our parents are earning such paltry salaries, I don’t know where they think we get the money from.
What we would prefer as students is a loan scheme in which we would pay back our fees after the completion of our studies. We also demand that the tuition fees we are supposed to pay be reasonable.
As students we supported change in the March 29 elections hoping that MDC would reform the education sector. We are not pleased at all by the way the MDC is dining with Zanu PF and seems to be dancing to its tune.
One wonders if the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has the education sector at heart. We expect and demand more from him because the bulk of his supporters are the youth who are tired of Zanu PF’s puerile policies.

Concerned student,

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