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Leaders should do the right thing

GOVERNMENT has often repeated the hollow claim that certain services cannot be provided by private operators.

They claim that certain resources are “strategic” and that the government can easily be held to economic ransom by “external forces”.
They point to the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority and the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe as examples. They believe that only they can safeguard people’s interests, which of course they never do.
The reality is that our government loves control. They believe that all our problems would go away if government could control everything, so they sink their hands into everything and cannot let go.
That is why our government does everything from operating buses, trains, planes, to iron and steel factories, power stations, water treatment works, banks among other things.
However, if the fat-cats are assured of strategic stakes in privatised operations, these claims will suddenly disappear!
You see, it is not the logic that is missing –– there never is logic and it’s not a requirement. What we have is a national project to stay in power and to loot as much as possible because they believe it is their divine right.
They believe in ruling until the donkeys grow horns. Everything that these rulers –– not leaders –– do must as a priority contribute towards this project.
If anything done is good for the country and for everyone else, it is purely coincidental. The important thing is staying in office and looting. An example is the land reform chaos. What we need are leaders with the will to do the right thing. Added to that, what we also need is a system to hold leaders accountable and to remove them from office if we are not happy.
We currently don’t have either. As a result, judgement and rationale in the current situation are clouded by greed, selfishness and the fear of losing control.


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