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Chombo should come out in the open

LOCAL Government, Urban and Rural Development minister Ignatious Chombo seems to be bent on discrediting and decimating MDC councillors.

Surely if Chombo is an objective and non-partisan minister he would treat all cases equally.
May I remind the minister that in June 2008 more than 10 residents from Mbare flats were evicted from their houses by Zanu PF supporters, who accused them of supporting the MDC. What did Chombo do for them?
What about the thousands affected by Operation Murambatsvina? What then has become so unique about the cases where the councillors have been accused of grabbing houses.
Before the issue spilled to Chombo’s office did the Director of Housing and Community Services Justin Chivavaya and Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi fail to handle such a case? What about the Mayor of Harare; is he not supposed to deal with these issues before the minister intervenes? The minister decided to invite the state media to dramatise the story and demonise the MDC.
I think if Chombo had his way he would dismiss the councillors and appoint a commission again.

Lazarus Mativenga,

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