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WE express our heartfelt condolence on the death of retired Bishop Abel Tendekayi Muzorewa. He was the first post- Ian Smith Prime Minister of the transitional government of 1978 which succeeded the era of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

He stuck to the Lancaster House agreement which stated that elections were supposed to be held in a period of six months. This is quite commendable particularly here in Africa where leaders hate sticking to agreements which threaten their power.

He will obviously not be declared a national hero simply because he does not belong to the party which confers those posthumous honours. We also hold firm the view that this father-figure has been castigated as a sellout in the education syllabus that this country’s rulers had imposed. We cherish the positive role he played in the establishment of Africa University.

Youth Alliance for Democracy urges the review of the history syllabus to reflect the concerted efforts made by diverse groups in attaining Independence.
May his soul rest in peace. He will forever be remembered in our history as one of the chief architects of majority rule under a transitional arrangement.

Media and Communications Department,
Youth Alliance for Democracy.

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