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Debt fuels Zim’s desire for consumption

COVERING up the windows at the Bulawayo art gallery won’t eradicate the reality of what Robert Mugabe and his henchmen did. Some of these people should go to The Hague after all is said and done.
Andy, Harare.

CAN someone tell me if Zimbabwe has a statute of limitations in its justice system! How desperate is Zimbabwe to pull out a docket of nine years ago to try and persecute Roy Bennett? This is a desperate regime which has nothing to offer its people and is chasing its own shadow.

LET true justice prevail please in the Roy Bennett issue. Bennett is being prevented from serving the only country he has –– Zimbabwe –– by selfish, greedy, racist and unrepentant elements.

DO we need foreigners to come and solve our water woes as if we have no brains at all? Government must come up with the mechanisms that need to be applied to deal with the water and power crises.

LONG distance buses should have trailers to carry the baggage because most of them are carrying loads that exceed the volume they should carry.

WAS Zanu PF so desperate that
they had to rope in Julius Malema or is it chirema and parading
him around town? Malema is the ANC’s equivalent of Joseph Chinotimba.
Arthur Zwane.

NOW that Julius Malema has come and gone amid pomp and fanfare, what benefits did we get from this visit? I suppose some gained more skills in hate speech or tenderpreneurship! Is Zanu PF so desperate to get friends?

JULIUS Malema should know that we will not lend an ear to his hate speech. We want to be a peace loving country and will not tolerate those who want to sow discord in our society.

AS Zimbabweans we should stop listening to the dictates of foreigners and chart our own course as a nation.

INDIGENISATION is definitely not going to benefit the ordinary Zimbabweans but only for the nouveau riche.
Hans, Harare.
I THINK that the Zimbabwe Independent should conduct a thorough industry analysis to see if indigenous Zimbabweans are not already “empowered” in industry and most service sectors. I think that Zimbabweans are already more “empowered” than most people in the region.This is just a ploy by these politicians to take over these companies.
Innocent Sibanda.

I DON’T mind this “indigenisation” drive as long as communities hold the 51% stake in the resources. For instance the people of Marange should see a positive transformation of their area because of the diamonds that are there. However, it seems that the same people have been “indigenising” companies since 1980 whilst the communities are left in the cold. The money these fat cats make is then used to fund political violence against them.

GOVERNMENT has no right to bar MPs from touring the Chiadzwa fields. MPs are elected representatives of the people who are the real owners of the diamonds.
Njati, Beitbridge.

I AM happy to see that the human rights commission was sworn in, but we will have to wait and see their effectiveness and ability to usher us into a more democratic era. On outstanding issues, we need more seriousness on the part of the parties involved and the principals. It’s a question of selfishness and unfounded fear by some parties. Zimbabwe first please!

THOSE who are being used to shield killers, murderers and thugs are also thugs and murderers. Their day of reckoning is looming. Already in Rwanda and Kenya the International Criminal Court has begun its work. Nothing will stop them from coming to Zimbabwe.

ROBERT Mugabe appended his signature to the GPA and all it entails. For him and Zanu PF to then talk of not ceding ground at this hour is mischievous and nonsensical. If they want the GPA revised they should have the guts to say it to Sadc and the rest of the government of national unity.

THE propagandists at ZTV should know that Joram Gumbo is not a government spokesman but a Zanu PF chief whip as they correctly state when referring to the MDC’s Innocent Gonese. They must know that government and Zanu PF are two separate entities.
Tendai, Mutare.


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