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PEOPLE like Saviour Kasukuwere are initiating this indigenisation drive for their own interests. It offers them an opportunity to take over those companies that they have failed to compete with.

P Muroyi.

IT is unthinkable that one person –– Saviour Kasukuwere –– can cause such mayhem to industry! The indigenisation process requires an inclusive approach, not the arrogance we get from the minister. This process will affect everyone irrespective of political affiliation. Consultation is the key, minister.


GABRIEL Chaibva –– who is among those agitating for a 51% stake in companies –– should demand a stake in indigenously run-down companies like Zisco. I am sure they would be very happy with that.

R Madziwa.

WHY aim for foreign owned companies to cede 51% of their companies to indigenous Zimbabweans when we can invest in creating new enterprises where we would have a 100% stake? Food for thought!

Daddy vaBee.

JUDGING by what “our” governor Gideon Gono has been saying of late about the indigenisation laws, it seems that it’s possible for people to see the error of their ways after all.


TO Robert Mugabe I say sanctions are a self-inflicted wound and having them lifted requires you to adhere to what you agreed to in the global political agreement. Zimbabwe needs to go forward and not remain trapped in the past.

Andy, Harare.

EMMERSON Mnangagwa will never convince us that the army has not been used as a violent political tool by Zanu PF. Every Zimbabwean knows that this scenario was and still is the case.


IN the name of civility, ubuntu and decency nobody must use violence as a tool to coerce voters to vote whichever way come election time in 2011. There is absolutely no reason for employing violence.


THERE should be no compromise on Roy Bennett’s appointment as Deputy Agriculture minister. The time for allocating ministries came and went. It’s now time to allow democracy to prevail and shun racist tendencies. All Zimbabweans are equal and there is no need to use race to divide ourselves.

SK Dongo.

IF Studio 7 and SW Radio Africa are “pirate” radio stations, why do Zanu PF officials such as Didymus Mutasa and Joram Gumbo seem so keen to be interviewed by them?

Mdawini, Bulawayo.

WHAT has the political instability in Zimbabwe got to do with South Africa hosting the World Cup? What’s the connection here? South Korea successfully staged the World Cup next door to North Korea which is supposed to be an unstable country. Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa.

S Chivi.

WILL the relevant authorities intervene before Jaggers completely collapses! The situation is getting out of hand and the government should do something.


NO obstacle should distract you from discharging your duties minister Tendai Biti. I wish you a speedy and full recovery from the accident you were recently involved in.


THE MDC-T leadership seem to have neglected to beef up the grassroots structures. They need to urgently address this so that they won’t be caught flat-footed.


TO Econet I say a recharge voucher is not the answer to our problems. We want per-second billing which charges me for the time I actually use. Sometimes I use only a quarter of a minute which means the other three quarters is charged for nothing.

Neshungu, Harare.

ALL those blaming Morgan Tsvangirai for failing to pay teachers the salaries he had promised are not real teachers. They should be angry at Robert Mugabe’s administration which was paying people who were inflicting human rights abuses on many Zimbabweans and prejudicing civil servants of what they should have earned.


EDUCATION minister David Coltart should abolish these teacher “incentives” because they are souring relations between the parents and schools. Parents who are not content with what the teachers are doing and should not reward them by paying extra.

G Chikweya.

HEADMASTERS who steal school levies should be fired if proven guilty. There should be a culture of accountability in our education system.



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