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WE should not concentrate on doing the extraordinary things but focus on doing ordinary things motivated by love to get the nation moving forward. Love will see our nation through the mess it is in.
Masiyandima, Beitbridge. 

IT should be the duty of the United Nations and the international community to ensure that non-violent, free and fair elections take place in Zimbabwe. Those opposed to that set up want to steal the elections under the guise of sovereignty.

THE sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe are real and have really hurt our economy. However, we should not forget that we ourselves have contributed to our own demise by dishing out farms to pseudo-farmers, many of whom are now leasing them out to genuine farmers. Looting of state coffers was rampant and there was a lot of incompetence in loss-making parastatals. All these issues are now being swept under the carpet.

IT is important to lobby for the removal of sanctions but it is also a sheer waste of time and resources to send a team to Brussels before meeting the conditions of the GPA. As an ordinary Zimbabwean, I have nothing to celebrate for at the moment. The future is even more than bleak and hopeless. I do not see anything helpful coming out of these talks. It is another technique of buying time.

WE should not be fooled by Robert Mugabe and his cohorts into calling for the removal of sanctions against them by the West. Mugabe must first remove the sanctions he has imposed on the people of Zimbabwe. We have not attained true freedom and peace in this country.

ROY Bennett is a Zimbabwean and must be sworn in as deputy Agriculture minister forthwith. Zanu PF is getting it wrong when they label him as a Rhodesian who does not deserve equal treatment. We want to move forward as a nation and Zanu PF is dragging us backwards. It would be foolhardy for the MDC to change its position on Bennett now because Zanu PF’s excuse is unreasonable.

TO Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, I applaud your efforts to uplift women with your involvement in the International Women’s Day commemorations and the lunch you organised for inmates at Mlondozi Prison. You are a real mother figure. Keep it up!
Sifiso Njube.  
ANY MP who walks out of Parliament Building because of a motion to investigate election violence is equally guilty of the same and must be arrested for complicity.

IT was very sad to see that politicians were busy outdoing each other to capitalise on and score cheap political points on the tragic loss of young Sam on the Mtukudzi family. Oliver should try to manage tragedy as well as he manages success.

SAM’S death is a blow, not only
to the Mtukudzi family, but to the whole nation. Tuku should take heart. We are with him at this sad moment.

THE Bulawayo City council recently took a big and bold step in showing how irrelevant they are to us. The purchase of the mayoral car ahead of garbage disposal trucks and fire engines shows their ineptitude.
Disgusted resident.

IT’S very disappointing to see that the Harare City Council and the Zimbabwe Republic Police have totally lost control of Harare’s roads to commuter omnibus operators. The roads have been taken over by this unruly bunch who have absolutely no regard for the law. What are the authorities doing about this?
Weary ratepayer.

THE Competitions And Tariffs Commission should investigate the Rusape Town Council. It charges astronomical rates and water bills without rendering the service they are supposed to provide.

CIVIL servants are not hoodwinked at all by these politicians over money. We know that they are busy looting Chiadzwa whilst claiming to have no money to pay civil servants. As for Morgan Tsvangirai I ask, where is the money you promised us?

AM I the only one who never gets a refund for messages that are not delivered? Econet is ripping us off!
Angry subscriber.   

THUMBS up to the Zimbabwe Independent. There is only one newspaper in Zimbabwe that tells it like it is and that’s you. Keep it up!
Ayanda Ndhlovu.

SOUTH Africa should not cry foul about the continued influx of Zimbabweans into their country because it’s due to the failure of their leadership to decisively deal with Zanu PF.  They should help bring democracy to this country.  
Jita Mabhena.

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