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MDC youths’ peaceful demonstration commendable

MDC youths should be commended for holding a peaceful demonstration in Harare last week.

What touched most of us who saw the youths running through the streets of central Harare was that the MDC youths were talking about key issues that are affecting our daily lives as peace-loving Zimbabweans.
The youths were talking about justice, democracy and to have the people who unleashed untold violence against innocent Zimbabweans to be brought to book.
The youths were also calling for a stop in the looting of diamonds at Chiadzwa.
As the Finance minister, Tendai Biti has said before, if the looting at Chiadzwa by those connected to Zanu PF could stop then the country would be able to pay civil servants better salaries and part of the proceeds would go a long way in resuscitating the economy.
Some of the demonstrators are the victims of Zanu PF brutality and they know the perpetrators but what make these youths worried is that no action is being done by a partisan Attorney-General.
What made the MDC youths stand out against their Zanu PF counterparts  was that they were demonstrating for real issues that can change the live of Zimbabwe not the removal of the so called sanctions that will enable corrupt Zanu PF officials to go to Europe for personal shopping trips while the country is left bleeding dry by these looters.
The Zanu PF youths on the other hand are not raising any issues about this blatant looting of state resources by their leaders.

Agrippa Zvomuya,

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