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RESERVE Bank governor Gideon Gono last week made some serious, insightful and sensible assertions, which although appreciated left some of us wondering why it took him such a long time to see that Zanu PF was destroying the country.

In his discussion in the Financial Gazette, Gono was clear that the indigenisation law would further damage the already battered economy.
He made the point that this programme would only benefit a few and that it would also damage the economy.
However, what makes the people of Zimbabwe mad at Gono is that since he took over the governorship, he became an accomplice in destroying the country.
People slept in queues as they failed to secure their hard-earned cash because Gono was working with Zanu PF in fuelling the black market.
This led to the death of a number of people simply because they could not access their money from the bank.
The “failure is not an option” governor is also responsible for bankrolling the 2008 violent campaign by Zanu PF against MDC supporters, which led to the death of over 200 MDC supporters.
The MDC has always been correct that Gono should be relieved from his position as he was there to serve Zanu PF only, not the people.
How could he say the land reform programme had failed when he was the one who was responsible for giving tractors, generators, fuel and other farming implements to those who were not into farming but were just fuelling the black market?
Please just go silently Gono for the people will never forgive you despite penitence that you are showing.  Zanu PF deceived you in having you assist them in looting the country.

Trymore Mazhambe,

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