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ALL my love and prayers are with the Mtukudzi family at the tragic loss of Sam. We cry with you.


SAM “Rume Rimwe” Mtukudzi, the rising and shining star. May your soul rest in peace and your music live on!-Farai Mapira.

TALK of elections that is now circulating is very frightening to me because certain people who can no longer win a free and fair election are likely to use violence to have their way. Will these merchants of violence not use their old trick again? They lost in 2008 and it will be a cold day in hell if they can win fairly in 2011. I wonder if they can concede defeat this time around?

THE United Nations must supervise the elections in 2011 for them to be credible. Zanu PF must detach itself from the philosophy of violence and scrap the word rigging from their lexicon.
Bhetshulikazulu Mthombeni.

THE fact that Robert Mugabe says that elections will be the product of the success or failure of the constitution-making process clearly shows why Zanu PF are hell bent on stalling the making of a new constitution. They intend for the process to fail so that elections can be held under the current constitution with its draconian laws which means an uneven playing field in which Zanu PF can use terror tactics to pickpocket a victory.
Jita Mabhena.

PATRICK Chinamasa accuses the European Union of acting in bad faith. Has he and his party Zanu PF ever acted in good faith? I am beginning to think that Zanu PF is from another planet with the way they act. Let’s kick these aliens out!

IT seems the World Cup in South Africa is more important than real peace and stability in the region from the way President Jacob Zuma is acting. Zuma is now eager to paper over the serious problems Zimbabwe has so as to make the World Cup a success. I am disgusted.

SADC is not going to do a thing about the outstanding issues of the GPA and neither is Prime Minister Tsvangirai, it seems. So whilst Zanu PF continues to sabotage Zimbabwe’s future and consolidate their financial and political power base,  the nation is sitting around waiting for the MDC to show real leadership.
THE outstanding issues put forward by the MDC are issues of real substance and this GNU cannot proceed any further without them being attended to. It’s time the MDC starts acting like they are serious. If these issues are left hanging in abeyance, then the MDC has well and truly failed the people of Zimbabwe

ROY Bennett’s trial is turning into a circus. Unfortunately no one is laughing! In fact it is getting really boring. Someone should bring this  circus to an end. At the end of the day it is making a mockery of the justice system.

THE indigenisation regulations basically legalise looting. It is a replay of the land “reform” which was spawned by a vile reverse racism.

I HOPE the Indigenisation Act will benefit the poor instead of a few, already rich and corrupt politicians. We should learn from the land “reform” programme and the looting of diamonds from Chiadzwa.
Blessing Chimhowa.

JONATHAN Moyo needs to be reminded that it is Tendai Biti’s policies that have caused the IMF to come back on board in Zimbabwe and not Gideon Gono’s. Moyo is merely a political prostitute and not an economist. He has no capacity to appreciate anything good that can be done by the MDC-T.
B Chishere.

JONATHAN Moyo is the kind of politician who would shoot down an elephant so that he may stand on it to address a gathering on animal conservation.

I HAVE not heard any feedback or consultative meetings with any of my political representatives beginning with my councillor, MP or senator. We should mobilise ourselves to get better service delivery from these representatives. It is our right.

MORGAN Tsvangirai must probe the Bulawayo City Council. Their service delivery is pathetic and yet they have the guts to demand outrageous payments. This is all about self-enrichment and nothing about service delivery. I doubt if I will vote for them again next time.

IT seems some people are making unreasonable price hikes. Government should look into reining in such elements.
Concerned consumer.

I BELIEVE Econet is ripping us off! I hate to see undelivered messages being charged for. They should seriously look into it.
Sonkomosi, Bulawayo.


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