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Delta surpasses 1998 record volume by 22%

THE PRICE OF ROMANCE: A German woman, fearful that a burglar was trying to break into her second storey apartment, called police after she heard someone climbing up to her balcony shortly after midnight, police said Thursday.

Police discovered the “burglar” was a man carrying flowers and a bottle of wine who turned out to be the woman’s boyfriend, but then arrested him on an outstanding warrant.
“He was trying to surprise her with the flowers and a bottle of wine but it all went wrong,” said Korbach police spokesman Volker Koenig. He said the man jumped down from the balcony and tried to escape but was quickly tackled by police.
“He nevertheless gave the police who were taking him to jail the bottle of wine as a gesture of thanks for the friendly treatment after the arrest,” Koenig said. –– Reuters.

WIFE’S DOUBLE HIT: A New Zealand man is recovering from injuries after being run over by his wife –– twice, local media reported on Friday.
Sandy Telford ran over her husband, Terry, as she backed down the driveway of their rural property in the Hawke’s Bay region, 350 kilometres north-east of Wellington, the Dominion Post newspaper reported.
Not realising what she had done, Telford then drove her car forward, running over him again.
Police said the woman was distraught and too upset to speak to them.
“We are treating it as an accident,” a police spokesman told the newspaper.
Ambulance authorities said the husband suffered moderate head, chest and back injuries, but was “conscious and talking” after the incident. –– Reuters.

SPOUSE HUNTERS SCHOOL: In search of Mr or Mrs Right, dozens of Japanese are attending a newly launched school in Tokyo that aims to turn them into marriage material. The Infini school offers various classes for wannabe brides and grooms at a time when many people in Japan are either shunning the institution of marriage or are finding it very difficult to hook up with a partner.
The school, which is open to men and women, teaches students how to talk, walk and present themselves elegantly in a bid to capture the hearts and minds of prospective partners and their parents, who are often a major obstacle to successful unions.
Infini, which opened last month, now has about 30 female students. An almost equal number of males has signed up.
“I had never even thought that my boyfriend’s mother could play such a big role in my relationship, but now I’ve realised I need to start thinking seriously about how to impress my future in-laws,” said Kozue Sugawara (29), who joined the school after her previous marriage plans failed. –– Reuters.

PHILIP RAISES A LAUGH: Britain’s Prince Philip put his foot in it during a visit to a barracks when he asked a young Navy sea cadet instructor if she worked in a strip club.
The Duke of Edinburgh’s question provoked howls of laughter from Elizabeth Rendle (24) and her friends. Rendle, a barmaid, said Philip had asked her what she did for a living: “I told him I worked in a club. He then asked if it was a strip club,” she said. The 88-year-old royal then appeared to think better of the suggestion in the current weather and joked that such an occupation would be “too cold”.
Rendle later said that, far from being offended by the question, she felt Prince Philip had been “putting people at their ease”.
“It was a joke and we were all laughing which drew everyone else’s attention. I don’t think he put his foot in it. It was a joke and I didn’t take any offence”. –– Daily Mail.

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