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SA deal buoys Tractive Power’s prospects

GOVERNMENT, through the Indigenisation ministry, is trying to teach people to harvest where they did not sow! Very soon the people will be coming for the chefs’ farms and companies.
Masiyandima, Beitbridge.

IT seems that Zanu PF is at it again. Just like they destroyed and looted the agriculture sector, they now want to grab companies for themselves. I am convinced that this “empowerment” drive is only meant to benefit Zanu PF. This will completely shut the door on investment.

ZANU PF continues to act as if they won the last elections! Who are they to dictate what they want to the nation? The MDC must learn to take up the authority we gave to them. There should be no backing down.

JACOB Zuma should stop being used to fulfil a Zanu PF agenda of removing sanctions. Zimbabweans themselves should call for their lifting. Instead he should bring to the world’s attention Robert Mugabe’s flouting of the GPA. He should not be used like Thabo Mbeki before him.
Baba vaBee.

MORGAN Tsvangirai must tell us the truth about his position on the sanctions issue so as to avoid ambiguity. We want this issue clarified.
Political analyst.

MORGAN Tsvangirai should call for the simultaneous removal of all sanctions; the external Western sanctions imposed on the Zanu PF elite as well as internal sanctions Zanu PF imposed on the people of Zimbabwe. In fact the latter should be easier to remove because they are internal and should go first.

WHY does Morgan Tsvangirai not just join Zanu PF because he now espouses Zanu PF policies? He has been selling out since July 2008. It is funny to see a scenario where the party president’s views differ from party members in the case of Tsvangirai and the MDC. Fortunately the UK, EU and USA have extended sanctions for another year and there’s nothing Tsvangirai can do about it.

WHAT does Robert Mugabe mean when he says he will not quit? Can he not see that he has been presiding over an administration suffering from unprecedented institutional fatigue? There are always diminishing returns in the continued stay of any leadership epoch!
ROBERT Mugabe and Zanu PF cannot be trusted to reform after the sanctions put by the West are removed because they are already contemptuously going after companies. Next it will be people’s houses that will be taken over. These policies are very damaging to the world’s perception of us.
Andy, Harare.

TO Zimbabweans I ask this question: Can we afford another 10 years of Robert Mugabe? I say no, and we must give him that resounding message at the polls.

ROBERT Mugabe is Zanu PF. He says he will contest the next elections if Zanu PF chooses him. This practically means he will choose himself! We should make it clear that he is an obstacle to progress and he should not be so selfish as to hold on to power for so long. On another issue, I fail to understand the difference  between Mugabe’s personal farm and a family farm?

ZANU PF wants to preserve the status quo. They are approaching the constitution-making issue with Robert Mugabe in mind as president yet the fighting and rot that currently characterise the country resulted from the same system. We cannot continue to fetch water with a bottomless bucket when we have learnt that it does not work.
J, Mudzaweta.

POLITICAL violence continues to affect us as a nation and our leaders should do more to prevent it rather than fanning hate speech and funding it.
James Ruzive.

THE National Constitutional Assembly should not mislead us with their “people-driven” mantra. Was the South African constitution people-driven or done by a team of experts?
Gweta guru.

SINCE John Nkomo ascended to the post of vice-president, we have not heard anything from the organ on national healing. Have they gone on holiday?
Political analyst.

INSTEAD of wasting resources building a new house for the PM Morgan Tsvangirai, government can just move him into the mayoral mansion.

HARARE City Council is demanding and collecting money for refuse which they are not collecting. This is sheer fraud!

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