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THE time has come when players in the inclusive government should stop their political mischief and start to mobilise the nation to share a common national vision of promoting, extending and defending democratic values so that we may have a society which espouses tolerance, honesty, integrity, meritocracy, equity, national participation and representation.

The inclusive government has a lot of thorny issues that need to be resolved but they should remember that when one is climbing a mountain they should keep moving and not look back.
Zimbabwe should be guided by a national vision; for vision sees a forest in a seed. Indeed the loss or absence of a vision is worse than death itself.
For our collective good we should complement each other rather than trying to compete against each other. We should also shelve politicking since we are now economically decades behind nations that are less endowed than us.
Zimbabwe at this juncture cannot afford this Machiavellianism without sentencing thousands if not millions to the grave.
A great civilisation is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. I believe that Zimbabweans have answers to Zimbabwe’s problems for they were created by Zimbabweans. We are the sum total of the best and the worst in each of us.
We should create an open society where government conduct is in the open.
Most of us would never put up with the majority of the things the government is doing if we knew exactly what was actually going on.
The constitution should be the point of convergence not divergence. It’s shocking to note that some politicians are trying to get political mileage from the constitution-making process.
Future generations shall scorn this current crop of political leadership as the greatest mistake in the history of our nation.
Our hate-inspired politics make us a caricature of ourselves and reduces us to intellectual Lilliputians.
All men seek one goal: success and happiness, so my fellow countrymen let us focus ourselves to achieving that end.
Within the best of us, there is some evil, and within the worst of us, there is some good, so said Martin Luther King Jr.
Unfortunately for humanity, the good people do we write on water, but the bad they do we engrave in stone. Desmond Tutu rightly guided by scriptures observed that there was no future without forgiveness.

Moreprecision Muzadzi,
Mavambo Kusile Dawn
Communications Department.

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