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Insurance sector registers growth

CONGRATS to our “supreme leader” who turned 86 last Sunday! He should make use of the wings on the fish eagle he was recently given as a birthday present to fly out of State House and save us from his ruinous policies.

ROBERT Mugabe and Zanu PF must remember that the MDC is fighting to bring about economic revival. When the MDC takes the nation two steps forward, they should not take us 10 steps backwards.
Andy, Harare.

I CRY for our beloved country. The farm invaders know very well the harm they are doing to the country’s status internationally and locally but all they care about is lining their own pockets even if it’s causing more destruction to the bleeding country.

INDIGENISATION should mean creating an enabling environment for the citizens of this country to gain access to our own resources. It means changing our mentality from that of workers to that of employers. It also means being creative and initiating our own businesses. Let us not just wait to reap where we did not sow.
D Mudzengerere.

SAVIOUR! What an ironic name for a person who is spearheading the campaign to destroy the last remaining industries in our economy through the indigenisation regulations.

I WOULD kike to know from Saviour Kasukuwere on the issue of his “regulations” how workers and rural folk will be able to compete when the former are being paid $150 and the latter nothing at all?  Is this not a firm grab scheme by chefs just like in the case of the land “reform”? The government should source funds to empower locals to start their own businesses and not just reap where they did not sow.

SAVIOUR Kasukuwere should castigated himself for propounding such draconian indigenisation regulations. South Africa is implementing black economic empowerment policies which are sound without threatening to jail anyone.

LIKE the legislation promulgated to fast track the land acquisition process, the indigenisation law and regulations have been crafted to legalise the looting of industry by Zanu PF.
WHERE is the justice for people like Pascal Gwezere? What he went through at the hands of state security agents is immensely heartbreaking. Do these evil people not know that there is a God who will judge these terrible abuses? The book of Obadiah in the Bible clearly spells out the impending judgement for those who oppress their own people.

IT is actually frightening to see that  Arthur Mutambara can make such unhelpful comments on the sanctions issue. The fact that he is learned does not give him the right to spout nonsense. However there is no question that he is a self-serving person who like Jonathan Moyo easily succumbs to the Zanu PF propaganda machinery.

I AM sick and tired of hearing statements being made in the state media saying that “Zimbabwe’s US$5,7 billion external debt is nothing compared to the vast natural resources in the country.” We need real action to deal with the debt, not just political posturing.
Agrippa Ngwazi. 

THE reckless behaviour and lawlessness happening in Chiadzwa and perpetrated by Zanu PF is creating the risk of civil war or insurgency.


THE EU and the Western countries should surprise Zanu PF by removing the “sanctions”. If this is done, Zanu PF will be laid bare and have no excuse for failing to bring about reform. The sanctions can be brought back if they fail to reform. Food for thought!

HOW does Morgan Tsvangirai intend to bring about change when he does not wield any serious power? He showed ineptitude by appending his signature to an undemocratic GPA which is now coming back to haunt him.

THANKS to the entry of the MDC into government, Santa Claus returned to Zimbabwe last December and St Valentine did so as well this February.

PEOPLE should stop blaming corruption alone for Zimbabwe’s ills. The major problem we have is the passivity of the people.

CAPS Holdings should take back its name from Twine Phiri. I will not support either team until the name saga is finalised.

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