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THE future of CBS’ Two and Half Men has become major issue in Hollywood since production on the series was put on hold Tuesday after star Charlie Sheen checked himself into rehab.

As TV’s top-rated comedy, Men is a cash cow, so CBS and WBTV have an incentive to keep the show going as long as possible. But Sheen, who also faces charges stemming from a Christmas Day arrest for assault might not return as quickly as the net and production company would like.
Sheen has stunned bosses at America’s top-rated sitcom by checking into a drug and booze clinic.
Producers at Two And A Half Men didn’t know their star was going into rehab, reports claim. Filming of the show has been suspended.
Friends of Sheen, who faces a possible three-year jail term for allegedly threatening his wife with a knife on Christmas Day, said he went into rehab as a “preventative measure”.
A pal said: “Charlie’s tired and worried about his wife, his court case and his kids.”
Sheen (44) has a long history of drug and booze problems. He is expected to spend two weeks in the clinic.
He is due in court in Colorado next month to enter a plea to charges of menacing his wife Brooke Mueller with a knife.
Brooke, who is also in rehab, has begged prosecutors to drop the case. Sheen is the highest paid star on US TV, earning $20 million per year. –– Daily Record.

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