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Civil service strike used as a diversion

THE state media has been running stories and opinion pieces that insinuate that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his party are responsible for the ongoing strike by the civil servants.

However, what I find alarming is that the same state media is always referring to Robert Mugabe as “Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces”.
So it is rather shocking that the state media would like to place the blame on Tsvangirai’s doorstep when we have a Head of State and Government who should squarely take the blame for the strike.
The state media is also failing to tell the people of Zimbabwe that Tsvangirai is one of the key leaders that the civil servants have put their hope and faith in, in as far as improving their lives is concerned and not Mugabe.
The fat cats in Zanu PF are busy looting diamonds at Chiadzwa when these diamonds’ proceeds should be channelled for paying government debts and paying the salaries of civil servants.
This strike by the civil servants has shown that it is nothing but a creation of Zanu PF to divert public attention from the massive looting of the country’s natural resources by the rejected party.

Agrippa Zvomuya,

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