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FOLLOWING the international recall of a number of Toyota vehicles after a problem was identified with accelerators, Toyota Zimbabwe will now also be recalling a small number of vehicles in Zimbabwe.

Toyota Zimbabwe has identified just under 100 Toyota Corollas sold into the Zimbabwean market by Toyota Zimbabwe and its dealer network that need to be checked and, if necessary, have an additional part installed to correct any potential problem. Not all those vehicles recalled will need the part fitted and a simple check can determine whether or not it is necessary.
Ian Howden, managing director of Toyota Zimbabwe, said that because of the small numbers involved, the owners of the vehicles were being contacted directly and asked to bring in their vehicles for inspection.
“Using chassis numbers Toyota Zimbabwe has identified 93 Toyota Corollas, 2007 or newer, sold through the authorised dealer network in Zimbabwe that need to be checked at a service centre operated by Toyota Zimbabwe or one of its authorised dealers,” he said.
“First we can determine if a vehicle is affected, by checking whether its chassis number is in a range whose details have been provided by Toyota Motor Corporation. Then the accelerator part number on the recalled vehicle is checked against a specific range of part numbers, and if both are within the affected range, a new part will be fitted to the car. If not, the vehicle will be released. The part is fitted to the accelerator and this will resolve any potential problem for the duration of the car’s lifespan.
“The required spare part is being supplied from Japan and will be in Zimbabwe shortly, enabling us to complete the remedial work on the cars that require it. We would also like to point out that no Hilux, Fortuner, Prado or Land Cruiser models are involved in this recall, whether in Zimbabwe or internationally.”
Toyota Zimbabwe is satisfied that it has identified the small number vehicles that may be affected in this market and unless drivers are contacted they are not affected. However, if any member of the public would like more information on the subject and reassurance regarding his or her vehicle, he or she can contact their customer relations team on (04) 794346, toll free number 08004406 or cellphone 0912 854 844”. –– Own Correspondent.

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