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Council of Ministers reduced to talk shop

HOW does the government intend to deal with the civil servants’ strike other than saying that they have no money? All we hear are the voices of those striking but very little from the government.

L John.

I AM disgusted by Zanu PF and its lackeys like Supa Mandiwanzira who want to destroy commerce and industry like they did agriculture. Why do they always want to reap where they did not sow? This indigenisation thing is there to allow Zanu PF chefs to take over industry despite their abysmal ignorance of how it operates.

I DON’T like Zanu PF and neither am I a fan of Robert Mugabe. I however urge my fellow countrymen to be patriotic. Zimbabwe is not the MDC and neither is it Zanu PF, so let’s be careful what we say to foreigners. Instead of sympathising with us they are laughing at us. Every country has its dirty linen, but not for display.

THE Kariba draft constitution was produced by politicians, full stop. Let’s get on with getting the
people’s views and produce a people’s draft.

HERE is the brutal truth about the tragedy in our country: Zanu PF cannot win a free and fair election. Yet it will continue to rule us for a long time because they control the state apparatus of coercion. Negotiations, elections and even appeals to Sadc, AU, or the UN will not work. The MDC and the rest of us must wake up to that fact. Does the MDC really believe that Zanu PF will allow a free and fair election when they have dug in on swearing in a mere deputy minister.

I BELIEVE the collapse of the GNU will work more in favour of the MDC than Zanu PF. Zanu PF does not realise it now but brute force will not bring the desired results.

IT’S a tricky thing to call for elections because there is a high chance that they will be held under the existing environment characterised by a defective voters roll, a biased electoral commission and above all violence and murder inflicted on Zanu PF’s political opponents.

I WOULD like to thank the MDC-T led Masvingo Town Council for providing us with a consistent and clean supply of water.
Neutral Observer, Masvingo.
I WAS baffled by the stance taken by Home Affairs co-minister Giles Mutsekwa on the Botswana issue. Botswana has stood by the people of Zimbabwe in times of need when Sadc and African leaders chose to side with the Mugabe dictatorship.

DROUGHTS are not the result of sanctions –– as some in the state media want us to believe –– but a natural phenomenon that periodically affects the southern hemisphere.

ARTHUR Mutambara should not insult our intelligence by calling for the removal of sanctions without addressing the reasons why they are there in the first place. He is an unelected opportunist who is representing no one but just buttressing the Zanu PF patronage system.
T Samanyahwe.

MORGAN Tsvangirai should not accept responsibility for the sanctions he did not create. He should leave that to the West.

SANCTIONS are targeted but why is everyone suffering? Who is fooling who?

FROM both a legal and ethical perspective, giving teachers “incentives” is in fact giving them a bribe. Imagine court officials, the police or immigration officials demanding the same from those they serve. It’s just corruption and must not be condoned.

PARENTS are right now failing to pay school fees. Education minister David Coltart says we should give teachers incentives in addition to the fees. This is sheer madness.

THE government must revise the low salaries they are paying. The police have now set up their own “toll gates” on our roads harassing motorists and pressing for bribes. Driving to Mutare for instance is a nightmare with two official tollgates and eight other points manned by the police. The police are now no different from touts and street kids.
Harassed Driver.

I JUST wonder why I should pay for electricity when we have been forced to make do without.

IT seems that Econet is inspired to rip us off. Why are they charging on undelivered text messages? They should remember that they are what they are because of us!
Mdawini, Bulawayo.

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