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Mutambara way off the mark

I WAS shocked to tears by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara (pictured bottom right)’s posturing in a purported interview headlined “Talk of restrictive measures nonsensical” in the Herald of February 13.

I was left without doubt that, just like Gabriel Chaibva, Mutambara is a Zanu PF supporter to the core. He should just declare openly his allegiance to Zanu PF for all of us to know. Nearly all his assertions were pure hogwash, but I will pick out the worst.

Mutambara told us that our country is under full sanctions. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The last time this country was under full sanctions was when it was still Rhodesia during the UDI era of Prime Minister Ian Smith. Smith was under a blanket UN economic embargo and he survived by trading illegally with apartheid South Africa.

It should be told that Smith’s sanctions were imposed at the behest of the Americans and the British. The role played by then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and then UK Premier Harold Wilson in ending the UDI should be held in high esteem in modern day Zimbabwe.

This shows that the US and UK have been consistent against barbaric regimes wherever they are regardless of skin colour.

Robert Mugabe’s sanctions are targeted because Border Timbers can sell all its wooden doors to the US, Interfresh is exporting its flagship Crush to the entire EU, and Lake Harvest is exporting its Tilapia to the UK, just to briefly expose the blatant lie of “full sanctions”.

Mutambara complained that when the president of a country is targeted, the effect is that the country is deemed unsafe. What is the problem with that when the country is indeed  unsafe? Mutambara knows very well the murder of opposition supporters, farmers and farm workers by thugs aligned to Zanu PF.

I shall not attempt to name victims because they are well known and well documented. How does one describe the safety of a country where innocent civilians are abducted in the middle of the night and held incommunicado for months?

Do I have to mention Jestina Mukoko and Pasco Gwezere among dozens of others?

The photograph of farmer Ben Freeth’s house up in flames that circulated around the world through the internet is sure evidence of a country run by the rule of the jungle. What is the problem when a dictator presiding over such chaos is targeted?

Mutambara is disappointed by how foreign leaders are “naïve, stupid and undermining us”. Is that the language of a serious national leader? What about the notion of diplomatic language? It reminds me of his master’s desperate, scornful and shameful utterances, such as “Carson is a little idiot”, “Dell must go to hell”, and “Bush is the god and Blair the prophet”, to quote just a few. It seems Mutambara needs a serious and thorough grooming exercise. He needs to be told the effect of foul language in this digital era where the world has shrunk considerably. As a professor, Mutambara should know that just one adolescent, overzealous and reckless comment, markets will react.

Mutambara suggested we should all respect Mugabe because he has “generational results”. Nonetheless, he dismally failed to rollcall all such results. I shall partially offer help: during Mugabe’s reign, our currency vanished, schools and hospitals shut down permanently, we lost over 4 000 innocent souls to an old and treatable disease called cholera, and in 2008 the whole country had become one big refugee camp surviving on handouts from the US and EU.

Then we were appraised that by 2015 China would have overtaken “America” as the biggest economy in the world. Well, such wild and self-serving projections aside, what is called America in comparative terms to China anyway? In Davos, Americans worshipped China, we were informed.

However we were not told exactly how the Americans did that but Mutambara observed Barack Obama and Gordon Brown running like little kids when Chinese vice premier Dr Lee was presenting.

I saw all delegates seated when I followed it on TV. By the way, the UK is helping Zimbabwe to the tune of US$100 million this year.

It is the UK’s largest assistance ever to this country. How much help are we going to receive from the Chinese, directly or indirectly, professor?

Without doubt the biggest lie was that Obama recently refused to meet the Dalai Lama fearing Chinese reprisals. The truth is that that meeting will go ahead as confirmed by the White House on February 12.

The worst of the frightening assertions was that sometimes democracy and human rights are not necessary. That statement should surely seal Mutambara’s unsuitability to be a national leader forever. What are the times when democracy and human rights are “not necessary” professor?

Here is someone who should spearhead the transformation of our society from a dictatorship to a democracy uttering the opposite of his mandate. No wonder all reforms stipulated under the global political agreement are stalled. Mutambara should know that historians are keeping such shameful utterances for posterity.

Percy Jinga is contactable at percivalmunjoma@yahoo.com.

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