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No investors for new Air Zimbabwe

THE constitution must ensure that there are two five-year presidential terms and that anyone below 40 years of age and above 65 should not be allowed to contest for the post.
Vicar General.

THE so-called GNU was never ever going to work. Zanu PF has never had any good intentions right from the word go. We were told the principals were in a jovial mood just before Christmas when they played a happy family. This whole GNU farce is an affront to democracy. How can two parties who are mutually hostile to each other work as a government?

THE MDC-T compromises itself by not sticking to what the electorate wants. It wants to give in to Sadc  proposals when it must demand that Zanu PF be censured. Besides, apart from Botswana, Sadc and Zanu PF are bosom buddies.

THE MDC-T is a people-driven party. The people are in the driving seat. Corrupt elements and quack revolutionaries will be vanquished.

WHAT has Zanu PF done to show that it deserves the lifting of sanctions? Despite losing elections -–– turning violent and refusing to give up power –– it has not complied with the GPA requirements. It continues to procrastinate and change the goal posts without moderation. It only agreed to a GNU to buy time and find a way to revive itself.

WHILST those who blindly support sanctions continue to be deceived that they are “targeted” at Zanu PF, they do not realise what Zidera stands for. The “Z” is not for Zanu PF but for Zimbabwe.
T Moyo.

ONE would think that Zanu PF would have been the first to make the bold steps of reforming the media, equally sharing power with the MDC factions, stopping farm invasions, stopping racially motivated persecution of people like Roy Bennett and reverse the A-G and Reserve Bank governor appointments that are not just detrimental to the GNU, but appalling and disgraceful to the nation.

IF one considers what Zanu PF has done in terms of bad governance and destroying the Zimbabwean economy, through corruption not sanctions, then targeted sanctions should not be treated as an issue for the GNU but a national issue that should be debated live on television.
THEMBA Mliswa and company are lying when they say they unearthed Zanu PF leaders with multiple farms when on the other hand they are opposed to a state-sponsored land audit. It would have been wise of Mliswa to have supported the state audit to vindicate his claims. He said the audit sought to reverse the gains of land reform. What was his audit going to do then?

OUR manufacturing industry should stop whining about cheap imports. They should be efficient so as to be able to face the competition squarely. They should stop the habit of wanting to overcharge for poor quality goods. Cheers to Delta for being competitive.
Quality, Harare.

CLEMENS Westerhof  must be crazy! How can he at sixty something be romantically involved with a 24-year old woman for nine years? It means they met when she was around 15 and that is child abuse.

I DON’T think Sunday Chidzambwa has anything to offer as a coach but he is simply interested in the influence associated with the post. He cannot read the game and so to avoid humiliation his team is composed of as many defenders as possible. The reason he has lasted this long is because he protects the interests of the most supported club –– Dynamos. Zimbabwean soccer will only start to develop the day we separate club from national interests.

IF Zimbabwean soccer is to be redeemed, there is need to overhaul its administration. Firstly appoint a qualified Zifa CEO. Secondly, the Premier League should be headed by a person who has modern ideas of how to run it. Thirdly, Zifa should ensure that referees are not biased. On several occasions De Mbare and Highlanders have benefited at the expense of the other teams. Fourthly, Zifa and all teams should pay the players well. Lastly, the relevant authorities should improve soccer facilities.

CAN Econet do something to improve the network coverage for Dewedzo Valley. We have to walk for kilometres to get reception. We need a base station here urgently.
World client.

BELVEDERE Teachers College is sitting on the final examination results of more than 600 prospective teachers at a time when we need to beef up the education sector. They are demanding $200 for us to get the results.


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