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Removing sanctions ill-advised

ZANU PF is holding the nation to ransom because of sanctions that are targeted at certain individuals within the party. Just because some of their own can no longer travel to some countries for their personal business every Zimbabwean has to suffer the political impasse in the GNU. Interestingly these same individuals have been hurling abuse for the past 10 years at the countries that have imposed sanctions on them.

There is something wrong here. Actually I think that they are using it as a delaying tactic.

It seems that there is nothing or no one on the horizon who is capable of bringing true freedom to the people of Zimbabwe.

The best thing that has succeeded –– albeit at a slow pace –– are sanctions on Zanu PF. Thabo Mbeki was almost devoted to Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma is a great disappointment. Zanu PF is too selfish and frightened of having a free society. Sadc is toothless and the AU is impotent. Both MDCs are not strong enough or are incompetent in delivering our personal, political and economic freedom. So I believe that we should leave the sanctions intact because they are the only thing that is keeping Zanu PF at bay. If they are lifted they will scuttle the GNU and we will go back another 10 years. Let them earn the lifting by implementing what they agreed to do a year ago.


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