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IT seems to me that the people trying to promote Zimbabwe as a prime tourist destination during the 2010 World Cup are either idiots or living in a parallel universe.

Do these people not drive round and see the wreckage of a once clean and lovely country? Craters in the roads, railways that no longer function, stinking refuse all over the place, poisonous water supplies, no electrical power — to name just a few.

How are all these tourists going to get here? Beitbridge border post is a wreck, the road to Masvingo and then to Harare is a death trap. Foreign airlines gave up on us years ago. To top it all, animals are found on the airport runways; what a sick joke.

What sensible foreign tourist is going to throw away his hard-earned money, visiting the most rabidly anti-white, racist country on earth?

A country where people, black and white, can be raped, killed and brutalised and get no help from the politicised police force?

A country that daily castigates the very people that they hope will visit us. The only way they will come is if we pay them to come here.

Get with it comrades, it isn’t going to happen.

D Adams,

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