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Council Must First Fulfill its Obligations

A FEW days before Christmas I received summons to appear in court for failing/refusing to pay owner’s charges of $150 for my house in Msasa Park. The plaintiff is the City of Harare.

This is despite the fact that we have virtually not received any meaningful services from the City of Harare in the last four years including running water and refuse collection. We never took the City of Harare to court.

Whatever statute the city council is relying upon, I am sure it was passed in parliament on the understanding that the city council would be providing meaningful services to the city residents. Where is the Combined Harare Residents Association when residents are being terrorised like this? We need a class action against the City of Harare. Where is the councillor for Hatfield/Msasa Park? Next time we will vote wisely. Where is the government? Remember Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda was not elected by residents and thus does not necessarily have their concerns at heart and is not afraid of losing the next elections.

I urge fellow residents to file summons to defend themselves to avoid default judgments being passed against them.

If Harare City Council wants me to pay for services, they must provide the services, otherwise they must collect money from those they are providing services to. I am prepared to fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Joshua Mugarisanwa

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