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Constitution Process Now a Farce

I WOULD like to exercise my right to freedom of expression by condemning in the strongest of all terms the chaos that is currently bedevilling the constitution-making process.

The entire process has substantially transmogrified into a farce. What is really obtaining within Eric Matinenga’s Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs ministry?


Can someone tell me who is who in this constitution-making exercise?
That such an exercise can be discharged with such incompetence defies any logic.
Since the inception of this process the generality of Zimbabweans feel short-changed by the snail’s pace at which it is being implemented.


It is on public record that the process is already behind schedule and yet what Matinenga and Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (Copac) co-chairpersons tell us is that they have administrative problems.

I think the whole process should be given over to civic society? This is a process that should be accorded top priority as it is going to usher in a new era.

A lion’s share of state financial and material resources should find its way to this momentous exercise. I do not see this process being consummated in time because of this bickering and politicking. It is becoming clear that politicians cannot be trusted to author this document.

Completion of the exercise is going to result in a presidential and parliamentary plebiscite that will spell the end to the tenure of the incumbent inclusive government.

That may pronounce the end of some political careers. Why is it necessary to select people from different political parties to gather the views of the people? I wonder if we are writing a political document here!
For the record a bona fide constitution will be premised on unwavering reforms limiting the executive power of one person, and electoral and media reforms.

I would like to make it unequivocally clear to Copac and Matinenga that they need to work expeditiously within acceptable time frames and that the masses will unceremoniously dismiss a piecemeal document.

Herbert Kazonda,

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