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Chaibva Yet Another Political Charlatan

GABRIEL Chaibva, the former national executive member in the Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara’s MDC party, has unwittingly decided to flee from a sinking ship to one that has already sunk, which is Zanu PF.

However, it has to be said that all progressive forces are celebrating that one purported democrat in the name of Chaibva has finally decided to join the other failures in Zanu PF where he belongs.

Following his defection from the main MDC in 2005, Chaibva has not seen any joy politically as the people — who are a true reflection of any political party’s support –– rejected him at every poll that he has contested.
He truly has shown that he is a political charlatan with no foresight and even those in Zanu PF –– where he will seal his political obscurity –– will not take him seriously.

Chaibva was there when MDC members such as Talent Mabika, Tonderai Machiridza, Trymore Midzi, Musekiwa Kufandaedza, Matthew Pfebve and Prisca Sibanda, to mention only a few, died at the hands of  Zanu PF thugs, a party that Chaibva is now joining.

His claim that he is joining a revolutionary party that is not tribalistic is pure hogwash.

It goes without saying that the Zanu PF government inflicted the Gukurahundi massacres mainly targeted at people in Matabeleland and part of the Midlands province and resulted in death of reportedly more than 20 000 people.

Is this not a classic case of tribalism Mr Chaibva?

Trymore Mazhambe,

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