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ZAPU is disturbed by media reports alleging corruption on the part of cabinet ministers in the inclusive government. Even more worrying is that members of the MDC-T, who are hardly a year in government, seem to have been already possessed by the demon of corruption.

Zapu calls on president Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to commission official investigation into allegations of corruption against ministers Obert Mpofu, Giles Mutsekwa, and Ellias Mudzuri and deputy minister Murisi Zwizwai. Only an official investigation can prove or disapprove the allegations.
While acknowledging rebuttal of the allegations by the MDC-T on behalf of its members, Zapu feels that there is no smoke without a fire and there is still need for an official probe. The allegations that minister Mpofu appointed his relations to represent government interest in a joint venture diamond mining company are particularly disturbing and must be taken seriously. What aggravates the matter is allegations that Mpofu went on to award the same company’s trading arm a tender to mine diamonds in Marange, without going to tender.
There is need for Mugabe and Tsvangirai to demonstrate their resolve to deal with corruption in their team by taking clear decisive action, than just words.
It is sad that some government ministers have become filthy rich at a time when the majority of Zimbabweans become poorer. It would appear some ministers are in the business of acquiring wealth through kickbacks by giving away national natural resources, to no apparent benefit to the nation.
Zapu wishes to thank the media, particularly the Zimbabwe Independent, and its journalists Faith Zaba and Chris Muronzi for taking the initiative to investigate and publish alleged corrupt activities by public office bearers. While the price may be too high for the newspaper and the reporters, the benefits of your boldness may be equally high to the nation. Zimbabwe needs this sort of journalism to fight the demon of corruption.

Methuseli Moyo,
Zapu Director of

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