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‘Govt has no treaty record’

MR Prime Minister Sir, what is the government doing about the situation in Haiti?

Why are we being distracted by silly things whilst we neglect our humanitarian obligations? Even the people of Gaza did something to assist whilst it seems we are content in just receiving assistance only. I know we don’t have much but the little we have we must give.
Hip hop artist.

WHY is it that every organisation with a “z” is a problem? Zesa, Zinwa, Zanu PF, Zec, ZBC, Zimra are a disaster to most Zimbabweans and the list goes on!

IT is disheartening to note that the GNU talks are not being concluded because some negotiator(s) will be out of the country. Such people are not patriotic at all.

IT is very disturbing to note that Jacob Zuma is urging the MDC to park the Gideon Gono and Johannes Tomana issue whilst not stopping Zanu PF in its bid to frustrate the GNU’s full functionality. Anyway he does not have the mandate to call for elections when he wants. Zuma should be reminded that the MDC won the last credible elections and should not be shoved around.

TO my dear Zimbabweans I say that our hope for salvation lies in a new constitution and subsequently free and fair elections monitored by the AU and Sadc. At this rate this GNU won’t get us anywhere. On a different note, where is Joseph Chinotimba’s letter for this week? He should keep them rolling!
Willie Gee.

HAVING Zanu PF and the two MDC formations sitting down to write a new constitution is the same as having Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and Osama bin Laden working together to stop terrorism.

WHY is the Agriculture ministry still recruiting workers and creating meaningless departments –– yet the government claims to have no money?
Homerai, Chibi.

THE problem in Zimbabwe does not lie with Zanu PF but the two MDCs who normally lie to us in the state media that everything is ok in the GPA but come the next day they say Zanu PF is dragging its feet. It seems that the only sensible organisations are the NCA, ZCTU & Zinasu who have remained with their eyes open!
MDC seems to be a party of cry babies. They cried to be accorded the service delivery ministries such as education, energy among others but are failing to deliver.
RM. .                                                                  
I THINK the MDC-T should come clean about these corruption allegations as they will tarnish the whole party when they are being perpetrated by a few people. If they are really serious about changing the way things were being done by Zanu PF they have to be strong and have no fear or favour for their peers.

THE RBZ should not blame the Treasury when they are broke. What is happening to the repayments from the tractor loans and why are they not being used to pay Farmec? Gideon Gono’s own assets should be attached to settle the debts as they are personally liable for these debts because they created debts for the country so that their allies would get free assets which the public would then fund. Tendai Biti is right for refusing to pay for such theft.

FARMTEC should repossess the tractors from the RBZ and put them on auction. Maybe they can at least get something. Those tractors were distributed on a Zanu PF ticket to undeserving party apologists who cannot even afford to buy themselves a meal.

GIDEON Gono must be jailed for destroying people’s savings, insurance policies and pensions. Augustine Chihuri must also be brought to account for not jailing known murderers like Joseph Mwale.
A K.

THE Roy Bennett trial is unnecessary and is revealing what should have remained concealed especially on the RBZ’s activities. It also shows how the Zanu PF led government –– over the years –– has misused state agencies and organs to further its political objectives.

CHRIS Muronzi should write a more in depth story on the 4G network Chemist Siziba is launching. It really sounds too good to be true.
Patrick Dizwani.

ZESA has failed to serve the nation. Government must remove duty on generators, paraffin and gas.

THE Consumer Council of Zimbabwe should step in to ensure that we are not swindled by Econet over unsent text messages.

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