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Land Audit Must go Ahead

I WAS very perplexed after learning that the war veterans are blocking a land audit. In the story “War vets to block land audit” (Zimbabwe Independent, January 15) war veterans leader Joseph Chinotimba was insisting on the government to stop the land audit because it would anger the war veterans.

I personally don’t understand their behaviour. He went on to threaten that he wouldn’t be able to control the war veterans if they got angry.
We cannot go forward if we keep on threatening war on an issue which we need to progress on and use it as a tool to intimidate people. The land audit must go ahead so that the government will know who is where and doing what.
From there it is easier to plan on who needs assistance and where they need to be more effective. Chinotimba went on to say that the money must instead be used to buy agricultural inputs. How can the government buy inputs for people they don’t know? Gone are the days when the government used to pay ghost workers. What if they buy chicken feed for a maize farmer or maize seeds for someone doing cattle ranching?
It’s high time these war veterans were mature in their thinking and repent so as to be forgiven by the nation and the world at large for the suffering and trouble which they have caused after their chaotic 2000 land invasion. What surprises me is that a bunch of these so-called war vets are in their mid or late 20s. Is it  now an automatic qualification that if your relative is or was a war vet you also become a war vet? If so, then we are all war vets.
Please let the government do its work. Let the land be given to those who know how to use it. We have got a lot of youngsters who are graduating from agricultural colleges who need land to produce, not busying themselves hunting rabbits which some of us are doing.
Right now we are in the process of rebuilding our nation, so everything must come into the light. Pamberi nekuvaka Zimbabwe! (Forward with building Zimbabwe!).


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