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It’s a game of stars on Big Brother show

CAN’T we do something as a nation to help the suffering souls in Haiti? We only love to receive from donors and not to give anything to anyone. We are such a disgrace as a nation.
B Mutasa.

THERE is a humanitarian crisis at state universities as female students have to exchange sex for money from “sugar daddies” whilst male students are resorting to stealing cellphones.
HIV Free Generation.

IT is fascinating to see that Sadc leaders congratulate each other over the “progress” they have made in the GNU. I wonder though why the MDC-T should always be flexible on issues such as the appointments of Gideon Gono and Johannes Tomana. MDC won the elections and Zanu PF should abide.

WE can assure President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF that we do not view the presidential seat as sacred and we do not view you with awe. Only the things of God are sacred and we only view Him with awe.

LET’S make Gweru the seat of government, Bulawayo the judicial capital and Harare the legislative capital. Such an arrangement is serving South Africa well. Devolution of power to the various provinces would be good for the nation. We also need to do away with the useless post of provincial governor.

WELL done to the police for bringing to book the Stanbic Bank Chegutu branch robbers swiftly. We wonder why the same zeal was not demonstrated in pursuing thugs who attacked Nelson Chamisa, bombed the Daily News amongst other unsolved crimes. We need a non-partisan police force.

THOSE MDC-T officials that seem to have signed a MOU with Zanu PF on corruption in both the central government and the local council should be dealt with promptly. The MDC-T must fire any official
who tarnishes the image of the party.

IF Zanu PF continues to block PM Morgan Tsvangirai from chairing cabinet and the GNU fails, voters will know the cause of its failure and punish Zanu PF at the polls.
WM, Harare.

DEPUTY PM Thokozani Khupe’s  interaction with female prisoners during the Christmas period shows how she has a heart of a leader.
Rafemoyo, Bindura.
BRAVO to MDC-T for probing their officials. If these allegations are true then they should set an example by dealing decisively with those guilty of corruption. Our civil service is on the brink of collapse and government is scrounging around for investors and they surely will not take too kindly to corrupt tendencies at such high level as cabinet ministers. At least if we can reduce corruption from one side of the GNU it’s better than if it is coming from both sides.

EDUCATION Officers in Buhera district are very corrupt. They are demanding money to reinstate teachers with missing documents. Newly qualified and temporary teachers are also forced to buy and submit forms that they sell. This is open corruption.
Worried Teacher.

CORRUPT college administrators who continue to run universities into the ground should be put in jail for prejudicing students of their hard-earned fees. Justice should prevail!

ZESA and ZBC are a national disgrace. The two corporations connived to deprive us of the African Cup of Nations. I hope their union is dissolved before the World Cup.

THANKS to Zesa I have never watched the African Nations Cup since the tournament began.

WHAT is Zesa doing to alleviate the power shortages. I don’t know where they are going with these exorbitant charges when we are spending more than two weeks without electricity.

ZESA  in Masvingo has condemned us to darkness. We are now resorting to the moon for light.

ECONET should truly be inspired to change our world and stop defrauding us by charging for unsent messages. Instead of erecting massive billboards, they should be busy making 3G accessible to all.

WARNING: Content may be hazardous to health. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Extremely dangerous and poisonous material. The editor is not responsible for any complications that may result from this material. The new Zimbabwe Media Commission should make our “public” media carry this cautionary statement in bold on the front page of every issue.
Owen Mudziviri, Chinhoyi.

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