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OF late the “party of excellence” has been able to demonstrate that they are a corrupt bunch par excellence, and this is quite disappointing because they promised to raise the bar compared to their Zanu PF counterparts.

Their foundation is premised on governmental accountability, democracy and good governance which they have been trying to live up to until this Friday when they denied and concealed the details of the developing story in the Independent.
The denunciation was an attack on the integrity of the press in Zimbabwe because it appeared as if the whole article was unfounded and lacked credible sources.
This could be so from the vantage point of someone naïve and parochial and not to the inquisitive mind, which scrutinises and does not take anything at face value.
It is common knowledge that journalists often protect their sources that sometimes prefer not to be named however; this does not mean that they consulted “ghost” sources.
It is disturbing to take note of the fact that minister Nelson Chamisa did confirm the report in an article in the Zimbabwe Independent (January 8 to 14) that spelt out details of an ongoing investigation involving three ministers several councilors and legislators. 
From such a standpoint the naming of the three did not go down well with the MDC-T and they sought a quick fix. Who then are the three ministers under probe and which committee is probing them if not the already existing one led by Tapiwa Mashakada? 
MDC-T’s oscillation portrays their departure from the truth for political reasons or others best known to them but one thing is for sure, the corruption tide threatens to bring the party to its knees. If there was no case the MDC-T would not have called for a press conference but they would have issued a press statement.
It is common knowledge that Zanu PF is corrupt but as it stands now the MDC has had its fair share of scandals and this has ballooned because of its policy of not investigating and punishing stray members. This is something which their competition has not been doing leaving the party exposed to too much scrutiny.
What we expect from them is to punish the perpetrators rather than attacking the Zimbabwe Independent.

Charles Saki,

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