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WE refer to your article titled “Ministers named in graft probe” published in your issue of January 15.

For the record we wish to state that the named ministers are not under any investigations and therefore your story is false. Needless to say your statement was anguishing and distressing to our ministers and the cohesion of the party in general.
We would be pleased if you do a decent thing and retract your statement in the next edition of the Zimbabwe Independent.
It is true that the MDC-T stands against corruption and in this regard have taken decisive action against our structures in the UK and in Chitungwiza. It is also true that a committee has been set up headed by the party’s deputy secretary-general, Tapiwa Mashakada that is conducting evaluations in the operations of local government that are led by MDC-T.
However, we have not set up any committee and are not investigating any of the ministers concerned.
We therefore look forward to the retraction of the story.

Sandra Mutsimba,
MDC-T Acting Information and
Publicity Director.

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