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Board withdraws Chisora’s licence

MOVES by Zimbabwe’s largest political party the MDC-T to set up a toll free number for the public to whistle blow corrupt members is not welcome in every direction. That should be reserved for companies.

In politics, there are vultures always circling in the air and the former ruling party Zanu PF and its intelligence machinery will ultimately be the “whistle blowers!” If they are always planting “arms of war” in the MDC-T’s garages and offices then what will stop them from utilising this phone service which is actually for free. 
I wonder who will be paying for the phone bill –– let’s hope it’s not us the party faithful.
There is always a time for everything.
This time around it is for the GNU to be set up straight and concentrate on writing a new constitution, laying safeguards for the next election to be free and fair. I am of the opinion that the MDC-T must be busy penetrating the security services which are giving us nightmares but it seems that they are trying to topple each other by playing to the public gallery.
We can always settle corrupt leaders by voting them out hence the cry that candidates must be chosen by the masses, not imposed.

Worried Party Member,

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