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ALEXIO Kawara has many talents, but dancing is certainly not one of them as the crooner attests.

“My dancing skills are a bit on the lame side,” the 32-year old told independentxtra in an interview on Tuesday.
However it seems that what he lacks in dancing skills he more than makes up for in his vocal abilities, testament to which are the accolades he has won over the years such as scooping the 2006 Zima best male urban groove award along with the Nama album of the year award for Pfimbi Yangu-My Secret Place, amongst others.
“My music mainly focuses on the audio experience rather than the visual aspect and this is why we bill our shows as being ‘strictly for the music lovers’.”
Kawara appeared on the music scene around 2000 with the group Guess, synonymous with the hit Amai. With 10 years in the industry under his belt, he is somewhat a veteran.
Strictly defined, his genre is urban grooves although he believes that he has somewhat evolved away from it.
“My music has matured over time although it is not by choice but the path I have gravitated towards with time.”
Asked on whether he ever felt nervous before a performance, Kawara admitted that he does feel butterflies in his stomach before performing — particularly to large crowds.
“I was really nervous during my performance at the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe contest in 2008 but I managed to maintain my composure.”
He credits Bob Marley with being his major musical influence when he was growing up, adding that if he were able to talk to him he would tell him “baba makapenga” (you are just great).
On the issue of balancing a showbiz career with other obligations such as family, Kawara admitted it was no stroll in the park.
“Showbiz is demanding, and family is also demanding. But at the end of the day they all need to be done.”
He adds: “I go home soon after shows, so as to avoid any extracurricular activity and focus on what I would have come for. I usually dedicate Sundays for family time, particularly with my wife since the rest of the week we would be tied down by work commitments.”
If he were to be stranded on a desert island, the three items Kawara would want to have are “my wife, water and my sadza”.
In keeping with current trends, Kawara has also joined the social networking fray with a Facebook page for his group Shades of Black. He also intends to set up a website this year so that his music is accessible online.


Ngoni Muzofa

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