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Devolution is what the people want –– Moyo

Could somebody explain why Air Zimbabwe chairman Jonathan Kadzura finds it necessary to “congratulate Zanu PF for holding the Fifth National People’s Congress successfully against all those who predicted confusion and failure”?

“Congratulations to those that ensured the party held its congress successfully with resounding people’s resolutions,” Kadzura gushed.
“Also most importantly I wish to congratulate those that were retained to the party’s central committee.”
Doesn’t this bootlicking cronyism tell us all we need to know about the structural defects inherent in Zanu PF’s threadbare regime? Here is somebody who should have at least a measure of self-respect as the chair of the country’s national airline. But no, he feels a compelling need to advertise his pathetic loyalty to a regime that has meddled in the affairs of Air Zimbabwe to the extent of rendering the parastatal virtually bankrupt.
This doesn’t seem to worry him. Instead he is more concerned to have everybody notice his message of congratulation to the central committee.
“The only thing that we, the led, now await to see (is) where our esteemed leaders are going to lead us to.”
“We the led”! Let’s hope he is speaking for himself as he prostrates himself before his political masters. We can safely assume that the place they are going to lead us to is the same one they led us to before — up the garden path!
To be fair, Kadzura’s cloying advertisement was about the need to follow through on land reform, in particular the land audit. But we still can’t understand why the chairman of Air Zimbabwe thinks we need the benefit of his opinion on the land issue. Shouldn’t he be explaining how he is going to get the airline back into shape?
There were 15 planes in the Air Zim hangar in 1980. Now there are four.
And the chairman wants to congratulate the central committee and discuss land reform! Anybody wondering how the country ended up in this mess need look no further than his article.

Another lost soul is the MDC’s Nelson Chamisa. He was waving his fists at the Zimbabwe Independent last Friday accusing it of publishing a “malicious and mendacious” report on a corruption probe within the party. Yes, the party was probing corruption, he admitted, but only at the local government level. There was no involvement by ministers mentioned in the Independent story. In fact the ministers named are “living examples of hardworking public officers”.
We needed to suppress a chuckle when we saw that. Does Chamisa live in the real world?
“The party would like to reassure the nation,” he rather naively stated, “that if there are any investigations of this nature, we will be the first to let the people know.”
It is a bit silly to attack the press in this way. How does he think they got their story? By sucking it out of their thumb? He doesn’t seem to realise that by attacking the Independent he is likely to draw attention to their sources which aren’t exactly from another planet. Didn’t some of the ministers in question say they knew an investigation was underway and welcomed it?
Best in that situation to be measured in one’s response.
We recall Chamisa spending a whole ZTV programme some time ago ranting at the host for trying to personalise the MDC by calling it the MDC-T. He wasted valuable time that could have been used explaining the party’s policies.

Meanwhile, a fanciful website called theZimbabwemail, which has a bee in its bonnet about the Independent, believes Jonathon Moyo was our source in this and every other story we have ever written. So convinced is the website that Moyo’s hand can be detected behind everything the paper publishes that it claims Moyo was best man at our publisher’s wedding.
In fact his brother Nicholas Ncube was best man, a fact that everybody present would happily have confirmed. As for a source in the newsroom suggesting Moyo sent the story to the editor last week, any such source would have known that we had the details of ministers being investigated the previous week but didn’t use the story while it was still being investigated.

The outspoken John Makumbe was providing good value in his interview with SW Radio Africa’s Violet Gonda last weekend. Here he is on the subject of corruption.
Gonda: So far we hear the investigations are targeting those groups that are in the Diaspora, but just talking to some members of the MDC, they say that some of the people who were receiving the money, for example from some of the groups in the Diaspora, are members of parliament and ministers, so would they also be investigated? What are your thoughts on that?
Makumbe: Yes they must all be investigated, everything must be above board, everything must be transparent, if names are not exposed then there will be no real exposure of corruption and they will all have to be investigated. According to Morgan Tsvangirai himself, nobody is sacred. Even if it is his own son Edwin who took the money, it must be exposed, that’s what he has said and I believe him. I believe that is the way things will go.
The question is really — who
will hang the cat? Who is going
to do the investigation? Will the investigator not be bribed again and do the same thing? Here is a case where the MDC should demonstrate to Zanu-PF how you investigate corruption within a party — you bring in an external agent, you bring in people who are not MDC, who are also not Zanu-PF, who are not CIO. You don’t do the Chihuri-style of ‘the police will set up a committee to investigate how the people were tortured by police’ — you know it is ridiculous. And so I think this is a classic example which as the MDC can set. Get an independent auditor to audit their books, investigate the matter forensically and expose everything by name, by date, by situation.

We have often wondered what planet President Mugabe hails from. On Tuesday the Herald quoted him saying Zimbabwe’s sovereignty was “non-negotiable”. The article was headed: “We’re masters of our destiny says President”.
This when the country is being fed by well-wishers because Zanu PF has destroyed the agricultural base. When we can no longer use our national currency because it was totally devalued by the reckless behaviour of the central
What sort of sovereignty is it when donors have to keep funds out of the hands of government officials to prevent them being filched? What sort of “destiny” is it that we are masters of?

It is funny watching Zanu PF spokesmen wriggling on the hook of their chaotic and corrupt land reform policies. We had Joseph Made yesterday claiming it was “premature” to carry out a land audit that would unfairly judge new farmers who have been operating under “harsh” conditions such as sanctions.
But sanctions didn’t prevent them from obtaining free fuel and retailing it on the side of the road. It didn’t prevent them selling inputs they had been given for free. It didn’t stop them hiring out tractors and other equipment given to them by the Reserve Bank.
It should be obvious what Made and others are up to. They are throwing roadblocks in the path of genuine land reform. It isn’t sanctions that have prevented the “capacitation” of eternally “new” farmers. It is the lack of seriousness and commitment that have dogged the land programme since 2000. Now Zanu PF understandably perceives a land audit as exposing its corrupt policies and multi-farm ownership. And who is right at the centre of this Augean stable? Personal agricultural advisor to the president, Joseph Made. No wonder he is a worried man.

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