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It’s a Weird World

FEELING AT HOME: A US man was charged after he allegedly broke into a home, cut his hair and prepared fried chicken before being discovered.

The man was charged with breaking into the home in Easton, about 80 km north of Philadelphia. According to court documents, the homeowner returned home Sunday to discover him watching TV and cooking chicken.
Authorities said the man threw a rock through a front door window to get inside and appeared to have rummaged through every room in the house. He also took a shower.
The man faces burglary, criminal trespass and other charges and was being held on $15 000 bail. –– AP.

NUDE TUBE: Hundreds of US commuters braved a winter morning to ride the underground in their underpants. The exhibitionist travellers were taking part in the ninth annual “No pants subway ride” which started in New York in 2002.
The event has since gone global with hundreds of commuters in countries including the UK, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, and Sweden all flashing their boxers, briefs and knickers.
The event organisers Improve Everywhere said its mission was to cause “scenes of chaos and joy in public places”.
New Yorker Brady Kirchberg (26), taking part in his third no-pants ride, said: “It’s a place to meet people that’s not your traditional bar scene.”
The event started in 2002 with just seven people. –– The Sun.

DATE FROM HELL: A German man who bid £1,400 to win a night of passion with a stunning model was distraught to find out his “date” was a teenage boy running an online scam.
Stefan Koch (27), turned up at the model’s flat to collect his prize but instead of the promised beautiful woman found only 17-year-old Dieter Muhr.
Kock, from Erlangan, said: “I saw the auction on the internet and put in a bid straight away.
“I watched every day for a week to see if anyone would outbid me but no one did and when I realised I had won I started preparing for the big night.
“I admit I did find it a bit strange that I got no reply to my emails to the model when I found out I had won but on the auction site there was an address and a date for the night of passion so I thought she was just trying to set a mood of mystery for the night.
“I loved it and decided to just turn up at the address.
“But when I got there I found some spotty little kid with a laptop instead of a beautiful model. I realised I’d been ripped off and called the cops straight away.”
Police say Muhr faces charges of fraud and deception. –– Ananova.

CELEBRATING DIVORCE:  A British department store chain has created a gift list for those wishing to help a loved one with the pain…and party atmosphere of modern divorce.
Debenhams said it launched a divorce gift list service to reflect the increasing popularity of greeting cards, parties and cakes celebrating divorces as well as provide assistance to someone who has had to divide the assets.
“A divorce means that one partner will be leaving the marital home and therefore be left without any essentials in their new house,” Debenhams head of retail services Peter Moore said in a statement.
Items on the Debenhams divorce gift list include cookware, cutlery, crockery, glasses, bed linen, towels, small electrical goods such as toasters and microwaves as well as non-iron shirts, large plasma screen TVs and computer games.
About 45% of British marriages are likely to end in divorce according to the Office for National Statistics. –– Reuters.

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