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Senegal polls: Many lessons for Zanu PF

IT is sad to see African brothers up in arms against their fellow African brothers. What happened to the Togo national team was very unfortunate. The nations sharing borders with Angola must make sure that those responsible for the attacks are brought to book as soon as possible. Noel Moyo, Athlone. 

WE need a constitution which serves the people and not political parties as these come and go. We are where we are because of partisan politics.

JOC is the last area which is preserving Zanu PF’s dominance of the GNU. The day that it is reformed, Zimbabwe will move a thousand miles towards a GNU that is equally-shared by all parties, is democratic, transparent, fear-free and separated from one-party dominance.

IT should be remembered that from the experiences of the last presidential elections, everything rotates and vibrates to the rhythm of the JOC. That said, one can conclude that the last round of talks on outstanding issues majored on minors and “minored” on majors.
Charles Mutasa.

THE antics of Zanu PF and its supporters, particularly the continued farm invasions, have reached the pinnacle of indescribable evil. We will definitely relegate them to the dustbin of history come election time. They will surely live with a vile taste in the mouth for Zimbabwe for a long time to come.

IT’S a pity to note that some elements within Zanu PF are trying to ascribe blame for the poorly prepared farming season on Finance minister Tendai Biti. It’s high time these people are reminded that the previous administration’s poor policies are still haunting us today. Blame should go where it is due.

SERIOUSLY Chinos! Anyone who has heard you speak will not believe your claims. Humour us and do a television interview in English. That would shut us up!

JOSEPH Chinotimba must not take us for fools. The way a person speaks is the way he writes. Violet Gonda’s interview with Chinotimba and his submission in court during the cellphone saga are excellent examples of his oral English skills which are not reflected in the letters.

JONATHAN Moyo must stop his juvenile attacks on Roy Bennett and Eddie Cross. Bennett is a man of the people such that he can beat any of the Zanu PF politicians in Manicaland in an election. I am sure Cross is also popular since he is an elected MP.
T Sanyamahwe, Nyanga.

GIDEON Gono used to say inflation was our number one enemy. But now it seems that he is actually the number one enemy because he stands in the way of reform. He should go now.

WELL done to the MDC-T for probing their own instead of just trying to protect them and justifying their corrupt activities. The net needs to go wider and we recommend the probing of certain prominent corrupt individuals that have hitherto been swept under the carpet. We cannot go anywhere as a country when the leaders are corrupt.

WHEN will NewsDay start publishing? We are desperate to have a serious daily newspaper to hit the streets.
I Nyakudya.

THANKS to Ian Khama’s Btv we are able to watch the Africa Cup of Nations. ZBC is so broke that it cannot afford to screen Africa’s biggest soccer extravaganza. Who is willing to pay licences for a biased, unrepentant Zanu PF mouthpiece? Thank you Btv.

THE police should do something to curb the rising rate of crime in Gwanda. If they continue to allow this to continue it will not reflect well on their ability to enforce the law.
Mageza, Bulawayo.

FOR 28 years my monthly pension payout could buy more than 3 000 bricks. Now it can only buy 15 loaves.
Pensioner, Harare.

A YEAR ago we paid Zesa for a new transformer. Now we are paying Zinwa reconnection fees to get a trickle of water. Heaven help us!

ZESA is so unreliable that it should stand for Zimbabwe Electricity Sometimes Available.
Yung Blackie.

CORRUPT, thieving and unconcerned college administrators need to be arrested for abusing our hard earned tuition fees. Our state universities  are an eyesore whilst our administrators bogus.

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