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I BELIEVE the Harare municipal traffic office is in need of a serious makeover judging by the calibre of its officers.

I recently got clamped in town by their officers on Orr Street. I saw my car clamped but with no ticket. I waited for two hours but no officers were to be found.
I then decided to look for the officers myself and found them in South Avenue pocketing money from the drivers of  trucks parked there.
One of them then issued me with a crazy ticket of $57. I asked the officer in charge why they were being selective in their clamping as no other cars or trucks in the area had parking discs.
The officer asked which of the cars I was referring to and I showed him 15 cars without discs in the area.
The officer then rudely said that I should not teach him how to do his job and threatened that if I did not present a payment receipt in one hour, they would tow my car away. I had to walk all the way from Orr Street to Julius Nyerere Way to make this crazy payment. After paying I  made a complaint about these officers. I waited for three hours fruitlessly for an officer to come to room 110 and 111 but to no avail.
If one cannot hand in a complaint about these corrupt officers then I believe the municipal traffic office is in need of a serious makeover.

Alois Nyamweda,

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