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MDC-T Stance on Corruption Commendable

THE MDC-T leadership should be commended for the action it took in firing their Chitungwiza structures and the former Chitungwiza mayor for their gross corruption.

The move by the MDC-T leadership is a true sign that the party brooks no corruption.  The party has chosen to stand with the people of Chitungwiza in denouncing any form of corruption.
The MDC-T, through the capable leadership of its president Morgan Tsvangirai, should be saluted for taking such a broad move by dismissing the entire executive.  
The move by the MDC-T can only be done by a party that has the interests of the people at heart, a party that wants to see that real change is brought to the people of Zimbabwe.
As a Chitungwiza resident, I have been humbled by the decision taken by our people’s party — the MDC-T.  As residents we were getting restless because of what was happening in our city which is in dire need of new water reticulation, street lights and repairing of roads among other issues.
The MDC-T has shown that corruption is found in Zanu PF, which turns a blind eye to such evils and not in the democratic home of the MDC.

Agrippa Zvomuya,

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