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Caledonia cedes 51% Blanket Mine stake

THE Zanu PF congress failed dismally to bring about renewal to the beleaguered party. Come election time it will be a stroll in the park for the MDC-T.
Chitoko, Zvimba.

ZANU PF should remove the sanctions it has imposed on the Karanga and Manyika tribes.

ZANU PF has been made to eat humble pie by the MDC-T. I don’t have to elaborate; the election results are there for all to see.

I WAS impressed by Joseph Chinotimba’s letter to the editor in response to the Muckraker article because it showed that those in Zanu PF make time to read the truth. Keep it up Zimbabwe Independent.

ECONET is ripping us off by charging for messages that are not delivered. They always claim that it is because of a new system that is causing these problems but how long must we be ripped off our hard-earned money.
Ripped off.

WHAT I find nonsensical is what Supa Mandiwanzira himself is saying about the Constituency Development Fund.
Political expediency and abuse of funds has been with us all these years and enabling MPs to have a fund to address their constituency needs is just one way of being transparent and open about where politicians get money to do some of the constituency projects they have been doing. It also makes people demand accountability for a fund they know really exists.

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