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Council to Blame for Hazardous Trenches

FOR the past two decades or so, our roads and footpaths have suffered extensive damage due to the digging of trenches that have seemingly left no road or footpath untouched.

This has brought about the increase in pot holes which pose a threat to vehicles and the public alike.
After the trenches were dug most of the roads were never resurfaced. Subsequently water erosion has led to the weakening of the underlying road structural base.
All the major utility providers and contractors in general, are equally to blame.
Some contractors are blatantly dishonest. For example, a few years back, during the installation of a cable in Fife Avenue hundreds of kerb stones were removed during the process and never replaced. Even though the issue was raised with the council, it did not react!
One of the Harare City council’s responsibilities is to ensure that any proposed trench works are approved in order to prevent damage to existing services, and to ensure that proper reinstatement is carried out. Unfortunately, the council has failed miserably to follow its own reinstatement requirements
as witnessed in the ongoing water
reticulation replacement programme.
This is going to lead to future problems, dangers and long term increases in costs!

M Leppard,

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