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Eric Bloch Column: Foreign retail ban: Yet another howler from govt

FREE and fair elections supervised by the United Nations will put a full stop to all unending outstanding issues of the GPA.


WHILE the nation blames Robert Mugabe for the ills besetting the nation, he is surely wondering how he is still in power like a thief who wonders why he is still a free man after a big heist.

IT’S really obscene that Finance minister Tendai Biti is being subjected to meaningless diatribes by Zanu PF and its media concerning the issue of the IMF funds. Unlike Gideon Gono, Biti cannot and will not hand out suitcases of money to all and sundry. The “new” farmers must step up and utilise the land they took.

SOME sections of the inclusive government are pushing for the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe dollar because the rural folk and the unemployed are failing to access foreign currency. How will they access the Zimbabwe dollar?

I WANT to notify Joseph Chinotimba that we are not convinced that the letter he wrote in the Independent last week is his handiwork. He cannot write that good in English unless he enlisted the services of the editor. As a result we don’t regard the letter as an original letter.  Zanu PF’s time is now over and they should stop abusing public space.

JOSEPH Chinotimba’s letter made interesting reading. We all know he did not pen it!
Rainy Days.

CORRUPTION is rearing its ugly head in the judiciary. Prosecutors and magistrates play tag team against the defendant and those without money are convicted and yet in some cases they won’t be deserving it. Whilst those deserving being locked up walk scot-free because they have paid.

POLICE roadblocks have become a personal fundraising scheme for the officers manning them at the expense of the government. The solution is easy; to curb corruption government must reduce the exorbitant fines it recently introduced since motorists opt to pay cheaper kickbacks to the police.

WHO is policing the police at roadblocks?
IN all seriousness we must resort to Cambridge examination body since our Zimsec is nowhere near able to deliver for now. Even those pushing for the continuation of Zimsec are taking their children to Cambridge.

MOST of the medical doctors in Zimbabwe should be reminded that they are there to serve the nation so that they move away from profiting at the expense of the wider society. The monies they are demanding are outrageous.
Vicar General.

ZESA technicians in our area have vowed to bring electricity back to our homes only in 2012 because we dared notify their management to fix our substation in Ruwa ward one. Energy minister Elias Mudzuri should come to our aid.
In the dark.

WHY is Econet charging us for messages that are not delivered? And does 111, the customer care line actually work? I definitely need an explanation.

JONATHAN Moyo likes to portray Roy Bennett as a murderous ex-Rhodesian who should not be allowed to be part of the government. What about those in Zanu PF who continue to be in government despite their evidently violent past?

I AM not convinced that Jonathan Moyo is as smart and perceptive as he would have us believe. Who is he to even dare comment on the suitability of Roy Bennett’s long delayed appointment as deputy Agriculture minister? At the next election he should stand against him and see how he is booted out of parliament!

JONATHAN Moyo seems to dwell in deception. Very soon he will change his current stance and say Zanu PF is bad and the MDC-T is good. Why do we bother listening to him?
Observer, Harare.

OF all people, Jonathan Moyo is the least qualified to criticise the appointment of Roy Bennett as deputy Agriculture minister. Moyo neither has the moral authority nor grounds to criticise anyone much less Bennett because he was and still is of no benefit to the politics of Zimbabwe.

JONATHAN Moyo’s time to make meaningful change came and went and there is no place for him in the new Zimbabwe of national healing and reconciliation unless of course he “sees the light” again.
Calling the Kettle Black.    

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